Thursday, 22 September 2016

Most Interesting History of Maharajas Express

Ancient India was blessed with railway tracks by British Government for trade and easy transfer of people and goods from one state to another. The kings of India loved to travel in the train as much as the common men. But, luxury was an important part of royal families. They started to design their own train cabins with all amenities and services that they loved to enjoy. They used these cabins for travelling from one state to another or even for hunting tours. They used these trains to boast their riches to the other kings whose state they visit.

The kings even had toy trains hobby. They modelled trains with exclusive gems and showed it off to others. The king of Vadodara had a fully functioning model train and the king of Gwalior had a model train set made out of silver that he placed it in the middle of his court. The craze and trend for trains grew day after day.

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After independence and fall of kingdom rule in India, heirs of royal families didn’t have money or power to run those treasured trains. They were all added to the stocks of railway department. Later in 80s, government of Rajasthan wanted to promote tourism and started to use those cabins and their designs to create luxury trains for tourists. One such train is the Maharajas’ Express. The design is similar to that of other luxury trains in India but, the quality and service is similar to that of the Oriental Express of West. Check out the departure dates of Maharajas Express train and also you can call us at 9810071704 or Email us at anytime.

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