Monday, 17 October 2016

Experience the Royalty of Palace on Wheels in Vintage Hotels

Now to experience the royalty of Palace on Wheels it is not required to embark on a journey over the train. The Indian railways have come up with a unique idea in which tourists can enjoy the opulence of the Indian Maharajas through their meals on luxury rail coaches of Palace on Wheels. Sounds incredible? Well, it is true and a matter of joy to all travelers who love to experience the regal life of India and are just not satisfied with visiting the majestic palaces and mighty forts.

Palace on Wheels is one of the oldest luxury trains of India. The train comes with best in class amenities, exquisitely decorated with vintage furniture and promising a luxurious journey to its passengers through Rajasthan, Delhi and Agra. At present there are nine original coaches of Palace on Wheels that are preserved at the Indian National Museum. Indian railways is on a venture to refurbish these coaches and turn them into world class restaurants where people can relish their meal in the style and ambience of Rajasthani monarchs.

These coaches will be hotel-cum-restaurants with two or three coaches each. These hotels will not only serve authentic Indian cuisines but also global dishes, like Chinese and Continental. The well-stocked bar lounge will refresh the travelers after a daylong exploration and act as a get together point for the group of tourists. Every coach will be spacious and equipped with large dining tables and cozy chairs to bring in the majestic feel.

As per the plan, these hotels will be placed at quieter railway stations so that people can embrace the royal living in peace. These hotels may be built near Rewari Steam Care Centre or at the Brar Square Station near Delhi Cantonment or at the popular tourist destinations like Jaipur to draw more people.

These hotels will be replica of the palaces and forts, exhibiting the grandeur of Indian lifestyle that existed in the golden past of the country. These hotels will not only generate revenue for the Indian railways but will also unravel the rich Indian culture and heritage to more number of people. Palace on Wheels train is the oldest luxury train in India which gives complete facility inside the train.

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